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New table in worldCities

Starting with this update, we’ll include a new table in the worldCities database, which will make it much more easy to use for most cases.

In short, that new table (called “flatfile”) contains the most used columns and pieces of data from all of the other tables in worldCities, which will allow you to write much more simple SQL queries.

Specifically, it contains:

  • the countries and all included administrative divisions (in columns with labels beginning with “adm1” to “adm4”), as well as the individual populated places (cities, towns, villages, etc…)
  • all names in English when available, or else in their official local language(s)
  • IDs (feature_id) are included for each and every pieces of data, be it country, administrative division or populated place, so it’s very easy to link it any other table for more detailed data, whether in the main worldCities database or in any of the worldCities Extensions

Since it is easier to work with short codes than with undescriptive integer ID, we also now include for free 2- or 3-character codes for the countries and all levels of administrative divisions. More codes are still available in the Standard Codes extension.

New worldCities Extension

We are happy to announce a new extension for the worldCities database is now available!
In this extension, a value (on a 1-5 scale) is assigned to each of the populated places (cities, towns, villages,…) in the worldCities database. Based on various factors, including population and administrative importance, this extension offers one more way to filter or sort places in a given country, based on relative importance.

Check the worldCities Extensions page for details.
We also remind you that sample data for each of the extensions is included in the free, extensive worldCities sample data.