This database includes worldwide weather stations’ codes and is perfect to use with tools similar to Weather Channel’s “weather magnet”.


Product Description

This database includes all of the city codes used on and is perfect for use with tools similar to The Weather Channel®’s “weather magnet”. More than 38,800 location codes are included and most cities and towns are classified at the state or province level, including 100% of the United States’ records.

The location (or station) codes are 8-character long (for instance, BEXX0005 for Brussels, Belgium) and are very easily integrated into your weather magnet or any other similar plug-in.

Click here to view the full structure of each table and detailed descriptions of their fields.

Contact us to receive free sample data for the country of your choice, with absolutely no obligation!

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The default license gives the right to use the data on 1 server (website, intranet,…), but does not authorize redistribution or integration into other products, such as software applications.


Please contact us for details about multiple licenses or redistribution rights.


The data is distributed in compressed (ZIP) tab-delimited text files, encoded in Unicode (UTF-8). Download instructions are sent upon payment completion.


Software capable of importing tab-delimited, UTF-8 encoded text files and enough free space on the hard drive. We recommend using a DBMS such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc…


Free, unlimited e-mail support

Sample data

Free sample data is available upon request and without any obligation, for the country of your choice.