Detailed data about 281 entities, classified in 9 categories and 174 topics, including economy, demographics and government.

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Background information and detailed data (classified in 9 categories and 174 topics) about 281 political entities:

  • Introduction
    Preliminary statement, Background
  • Government
    International law organization participation, Dependency status, International organization participation, Diplomatic representation in the US, Member states, Capital, National anthem, Legal system, Flag description, National holiday, Legislative branch, Independence, Government type, National symbol(s), Administrative divisions, Political pressure groups and leaders, Group, Affiliation, Constitution, Political parties and leaders, Executive branch, Political structure, Union name, Judicial branch, Country name, Diplomatic representation from the US, Suffrage, Dependent areas
  • People
    Sex ratio, Median age, Total fertility rate, Languages, Nationality, Net migration rate, Physicians density, Obesity – adult prevalence rate, Drinking water source, Ethnic groups, Children under the age of 5 years underweight, Life expectancy at birth, Literacy, Unemployment, youth ages 15-24, Education expenditures, Religions, Health expenditures, Age structure, Infant mortality rate, Major cities – population, Population, Urbanization, Major infectious diseases, Hospital bed density, HIV/AIDS – deaths, Population below poverty line, Sanitation facility access, Birth rate, Population growth rate, HIV/AIDS – people living with HIV/AIDS, Death rate, School life expectancy (primary to tertiary education), HIV/AIDS – adult prevalence rate, Maternal mortality rate
  • Economy
    Electricity – production by source, Budget, Imports, Economic aid – donor, Distribution of family income – Gini index, Market value of publicly traded shares, Budget surplus (+) or deficit (-), Imports – commodities, Public debt, Economic aid – recipient, Fiscal year, Reserves of foreign exchange and gold, Stock of direct foreign investment – abroad, Imports – partners, Central bank discount rate, Current account balance, Stock of direct foreign investment – at home, Economy of the area administered by Turkish Cypriots, Oil – consumption, Industrial production growth rate, Stock of broad money, Economy – overview, Oil – exports, GDP – composition by sector, Unemployment rate, Exchange rates, Investment (gross fixed), Natural gas – consumption, Industries, Stock of domestic credit, Oil – imports, GDP (official exchange rate), Natural gas – exports, Stock of money, Electricity – consumption, Oil – production, GDP – real growth rate, Exports, Commercial bank prime lending rate, Natural gas – imports, Agriculture
  • Geography
    Land use, Natural resources, Elevation extremes, Terrain, Environment – international agreements, Environment – current issues, Freshwater withdrawal (domestic/industrial/agricultural), Climate, Area, Irrigated land, Coastline, Location, Geographic coordinates, Total renewable water resources, Area – comparative, Map references, Maritime claims, Geographic overview, Land boundaries, Natural hazards
  • Transportation
    Airports, Merchant marine, Pipelines, Railways, Airports – with paved runways, Airports – with unpaved runways, Heliports, Roadways, Waterways, Ports and terminals
  • Communications
    Telephones – main lines in use, Television broadcast stations, Telephone system, Internet hosts, Radio broadcast stations, Internet country code, Internet users, Broadcast media, Telephones – mobile cellular
  • Military
    Military service age and obligation, Military branches, Military expenditures, Military expenditures – dollar figure, Manpower available for military service, Manpower fit for military service, Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually
  • Transnational Issues
    Trafficking in persons, Refugees and internally displaced persons, Disputes – international, Illicit drugs

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