worldFlags contains the official flags of 258 countries and territories.


Product Description

There are a total of 228 flags, which are official in 258 countries and territories (some flags are used in multiple places). The images represent the flags floating in the wind, with beautiful ligthing and shadows that make them look very realistic.

All the “floating” flags come in 3 different sizes, so you can include them in many projects without the need to resize them first. Those  are in PNG format, which allows the use of transparency and great image quality, while using reasonable file sizes.
Also included are PNG and SVG versions of the classic, 2-dimensional images.

worldFlags contains a tab-delimited text file with the codes and names of all the countries and territories in English, Spanish and French.

View samples of all of the flags.

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The default license gives the right to use the data on 1 server (website, intranet,…), but does not authorize redistribution or integration into other products, such as software applications.


Please contact us for details about multiple licenses or redistribution rights.


The data is distributed in compressed (ZIP) tab-delimited text files, encoded in Unicode (UTF-8). Download instructions are sent upon payment completion.


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