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The worldCities Extensions are completely optional and integrate perfectly into our main worldCities database and use the same structure. They are the best and easiest way to add more specific data to your projects.

These extensions are not stand-alone products;
they can only be used with our worldCities database.

GPS Coordinates

GPS coordinates in decimal degrees (WGS84) for more than 1,850,000 records. Besides the  populated places (cities, towns, etc…), the latitude and longitude are also included for the countries and most administrative divisions.

Language Pack

The Language Pack contains more than 319,000 records in both latin and non-latin writing systems  (Chinese, Greek, Cyrillic, etc…):

  • 211,000 names in their official local language in non-latin characters
  • 46,000 translations, including 4,200 in non-latin characters
  • 62,500 variant names, including 11,600 in non-latin characters

Standard codes

This worldCities Extension contains standard FIPS and ISO codes for all 7,700 continents/macro-regions, countries/territories and administrative division in worldCities. Some entities have only one of those codes, while others have a few of them. In total, more than 11,800 codes are currently included:

  • 965 FIPS alpha
  • 6,764 FIPS numeric
  • 174 ISO 3166, 1 letter
  • 1,498 ISO 3166, 2 letters
  • 1,005 ISO 3166, 3 letters
  • 1,411 ISO 3166, 3 digits


In this extension, a value (on a 1-5 scale) is assigned to each of the populated places (cities, towns, villages,…) in the worldCities database. Based on various factors, including population and administrative relevance, this extension offers one more way to filter or sort places in a given country, based on relative importance.

↓ Sample data ↓

To give you the ability to properly evaluate our data, we offer extensive worldCities sample data (including Extensions) for free, containing data about 480,000 places.

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